A special innovative tourism product including medical rehabilitation in forest environment, healthy
walking, Geo Wellness /eco SPA and additional touristic services under medical control are presented. The key elements for creation of Geomedical destinations as duration of destination, seasonal conditionality, Geomedical information/ clients’ health risk information, accessibility to the site, logistic information, accommodation information- wild and traditional type, recreation services information and additional touristic services information are described. The management of Geomedical tourism is connecting to logic framework, including an analysis of client’s interest, resources potential and additional touristic services; planning with identification of target groups, touristic routes and touristic benefits; marketing-description of generating market and market allocation chart. The core of creation is Geomedical environmental assessment. Some management problems were outlined- management of HR, contractors and touristic infrastructures. The creation of market strategy has to be in line with brand positioning and product’s positioning strategy including implementation of HSE certification.